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2017 Fright Fest – results are in!

Thanks for a great 2017 Fright Fest – Here are the 2017 fright fest results

A frightfully festive Masters’ swim meet

More than 60 Masters swimmers, predominantly from BC, took part in the fast-paced Fright-Fest Masters swim meet at Kelowna’s H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre on the last weekend of October.

Originated and hosted by Okanagan Masters Swim Club (OMSC) for the last seven years, the sanctioned meet gave new meaning to the Masters motto of : “fun, friendship and fitness.” Swimmers rose to the challenge and gave a fearless and frightfully festive display during the final relay, where the challenge was to complete a 50m pumpkin-chase swim, dressed in creative, and often, sinkable, attire.

Being early in the competitive season and with a quick turn-around of events, the Fright-Fest is a good barometer of swimmers’ fitness levels, providing a benchmark for the new season’s goals.

OMSC president Sharon Spring said, “We hope to see greater participation by competitive and non-competitive swimmers in future.  We are also trying to make swim meets less intimidating for people who have not previously competed. Led by our team of coaches,  we had a ‘mock meet’ a week before the Fright-Fest to give everyone the opportunity to practice meet skills, and received very positive feedback.”

The team competition was won by OMSC, followed by Vernon Masters and Winskill Otters.