Why Masters Swimming?

More and more of us realize that regular exercise contributes to good physical and mental health, whatever age. Swimming is one of the safest and best ways to exercise. It doesn’t abuse the joints with sudden shocks and pounding and benefits the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol and positively influences muscle tone, endurance and emotional well-being. Play the 3 minute Masters Swimming Canada video below. It features the OMSC-hosted 2012 Canadian Nationals at our home pool, and many of our own swimmers.

Besides, it’s fun! Masters swimming provides excellent opportunities to exercise with others, to improve swimming skills and stamina, and to enjoy doing it.

Who Are the Okanagan Masters?

Women and men, young and old: If you are 18, you are old enough to join. Even if you are over 90, you can continue to be an important and active member of Masters Swimming.

Swimmers at all levels of ability: Your wanting to swim is what matters. How fast or slow you swim may or may not be important to you. Most will be trying to enhance their swimming with improved skills, strength and stamina.

Swimmers in health or rehabilitation: It is better to enjoy good health whenever you swim, but you don’t have to be 100% fit or free of ailments to swim. Swimming has helped many feel better while still hampered, to partially recover from ailments or even fully regain their health.

We have coaches for every kind of swimmer, including developmental through to advanced competitive swimmers.  The basic requirement for developmental swimmers joining OMSC is that they are capable of swimming at least four 25m lengths.

What Can I Expect?

The objectives of Masters Swimming are Fun, Fitness and Participation. We offer professional coaching tailored to your needs. Some of our activities include:

  • General Fitness
  • Stroke Techniques
  • Faster swimming
  • Swimming stamina
  • Workout programs
  • Preparation for Triathlon and Open Water swimming
  • Swim meets (local, provincial, national and international)
  • Team camaraderie
  • Group sociability
  • Fun

Note: The Okanagan Masters Swim Club is a non-profit society. Club fees are invested directly in club administration, social activities, swim meets, etc

Please see the menu tabs under About Us for information on our OMSC Handbook, Member policies etc.  Also see our News section for great Masters swimming stories

How Do I Join?

Our base is the superb Olympic size H2O Aquatic Centre in Kelowna. We have both long course 50 m sessions and short course 25m swims. We offer a variety of flexible training times (see the Swim Practices tab for details).  Go to our Registration page (under the About Us tab) for all the registration details or use our contact form below.

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