Objectives of the swim membership policy:

  1. to attract and welcome new masters swimmers to the club
  2. to manage growth in membership, facilities and coaching
  3. to make effective use of facilities and coaches
  4. to ensure financial independence and stability of the club
  5. to achieve fairness and recognize members’ specific circumstances

Swim members are welcome to join at any time during the season, subject to availability of swim slots; however, the Registrar reserves the right to limit the number of swim memberships on a priority basis outlined below.

OMSC – YMCA co-membership

In order to join OMSC workouts at the H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre, all OMSC members must purchase memberships with the YMCA of Okanagan at H2O. The YMCA’s policies apply to all members using the facility. In particular, membership issues, such as leaves of absence and cancellations, are subject to the membership policies of the YMCA.

Membership Categories

The club offers two membership categories in recognition of the diverse needs of masters swimmers. Fees are structured accordingly. The categories are as follows:

  1. Full membership for swimmers who register with the OMSC training program at the H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre. Members can attend as many coached training sessions per week as OMSC has swim sessions and capacity. Also, Membership includes general membership with the H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre (i.e. includes the use of aquatic, gym and general fitness facilities and programs that are in addition to regularly scheduled OMSC training sessions).
  2. Affiliate membership for swimmers who want to be affiliated with OMSC, but who are not participating in the OMSC training program at the H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre. This is an option for those who train independently and/or live out-of-town and wish to participate with OMSC at competitive swim meets.

Full OMSC members are free to swim at any session, on any day of the week, subject to availability of adequate lanes. In other words, they are not limited to specific days or sessions. Most swimmers settle into a regular routine that works for them. This is encouraged, to aid capacity planning and to enable coaches to get to know each swimmer’s specific strengths and training needs.

Swim Seasons

OMSC has three primary swim seasons or macro-cycles during the year – the Fall (Sept to Dec) focus is on all strokes and building technique and strength.  Winter (Jan -Apr) continues the same themes plus the indoor competitive swimmers will be building towards the Provincials Swim Meet in April.  The Spring season switches over to a focus on Tri and Open Water training and continues that through the Summer.

Guest Drop-Ins

Visiting masters swimmers from MSABC registered masters swim clubs in British Columbia, or from another province or state may request permission from the Registrar to drop-in. The Registrar will consider any request on its merits and in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Adequate lane space must be available to accommodate members and guests;
  2. Accommodation of members takes preference over accommodation of guests;
  3. The guest swimmer must prove current membership of MSABC (or equivalent), or sign an MSABC waiver before entering the pool;
  4. The guest will pay the H2O daily drop-in fee when entering the facility;
  5. The guest swimmer must enter his/her name in the daily attendance register and check workouts attended;
  6. The guest swimmer must meet the club’s standards of swimming etiquette and behaviour.

In principle, OMSC will endeavour to accommodate visiting guest swimmers for up to three consecutive swim sessions, if space is available. The Registrar’s decision is final in respect of accommodations of any guest swimmers. Enquiries can be made to the attention of the OMSC Registrar.

Okanagan Region Long Course Training

OMSC does not have a specific program for Regional Long Course Training at this time – please refer to the above Guest Drop-In policy.

Wait Lists and Renewal of Membership

Should the demand for swim memberships exceed the capacity of facilities allocated to the club, applications will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Full members in good standing from the current season at H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre will be given first priority to take up swim membership for the following season. The priority position falls away if not exercised before the start of the next season. Where exercised in time, it will fall away if the fees for that season are not paid on time.
  2. Second priority will be given to a Full member in good standing granted a leave of absence by OMSC/YMCA, and who re-applies for swim membership within the leave of absence period.
  3. Priority thereafter will be given to full season Full membership applicants on a ‘first come first served’ basis in the order in which applicant was entered on the swim member wait list.