OMSC is a not-for-profit society that is operated on a volunteer basis.  The Club’s strength is its volunteer members.  It is expected that OMSC members will volunteer a minimum of 5 hours / year.   Examples of volunteer activities include but are not limited to:

  • Volunteering at OMSC organized swim meets (e.g. Provincial Championships or Fright Fest)
  • Volunteering for an OMSC contribution (when asked) at community events (Kelowna Apple Open Water, Kelowna Apple Triathlon, Across the Lake Swim)
  • Volunteering for swim meets organized by affiliate youth swim clubs (Kelowna Aquajets, Liquid Lightning)
  • OMSC Social Events (e.g. Christmas Party, Year-End BBQ)
  • OMSC Committees (e.g. Coaching Advisory Committee, Swim Meet Committee)
  • OMSC Executive Positions

Please note that volunteer commitment is for a minimum of 5 hours per member and any additional volunteer time is GREATLY APPRECIATED.