Dimitrovs 20110716

2011 Jan Morrow Award to Elena Dimitrov

At the awards ceremony for the 2011 Across The Lake Swim on July 16th, courtesy of ATLS society President Mark Fromberg, OMSC Past-President Brent Hobbs and Jennifer Leach-Trask were pleased to announce this year’s winner of the Jan Morrow award: Eli Dimitrov.

L-R David Dimitrov, Eli Dimitrov, Emil Dimitrov

Coach Elena (Eli) Dimitrov receives the well deserved Jan Morrow award.

The motivation was eloquently described by one of her students, as follows:

” We would like to nominate Eli Dimitrov to be the recipient of the 2011 ATLS-Jan Morrow Award for the following reasons:

Eli Dimitrov’s entire life has revolved around the world of swimming. Eli started swimming at the age of 7 and she went on to be a member of the Bulgarian National Swim team. Eli completed 2 marathon swims by the age of 16 as well as earning many other impressive swim records.    Eli’s childhood sweetheart and husband Emil (coach of Liquid Lightening) and her 2 sons George and David are also nationally and internationally ranked swimmers.  Eli has coached swim club kids and adult Masters for many years in Milton Ontario, Calgary Alberta and most recently the OMSC and Westside Thunder Masters Swim club in Kelowna.   Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be coached by Eli have learned what it really means to be the best that we can be, not only in our swimming pursuits but in many other areas of our lives.   Eli was diagnosed with cancer over 8 years ago but chose to keep her condition private for many years so that she could continue doing what she loves the most., coaching and mentoring swimmers and being there for her family and friends.  Eli sets a daily example of what courage, passion, determination and a positive attitude really look like.  When Coach Eli is on deck there is a feeling of energy and excitement in the air and one only needs to look into her eyes to observe a special illumination and joy that is nearly indescribable.   Eli has taught us that every stroke and every practice must be done with purpose and intention, which means no junk miles and No!!! Breathing From the Flags to the Wall!!! Eli’s utter devotion and dedication to the swimming community has been a remarkable and selfless accomplishment which she continues to this very day.    Eli Dimitrov is an inspiration to all that know and love her and we feel that Eli epitomizes everything that the Jan Morrow award  honours and signifies.”

We all agree, Eli ……… you’re our inspiration!