2014 Registration

For the 2014-2015 season, OMSC has entered a partnership with the YMCA of Okanagan. Under this new arrangement, OMSC now offers two membership categories:

  • Full membership (with optional Summer extension)
  • Affiliate membership

Full members are members of both the YMCA of Okanagan (at the H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre) and OMSC. Full members have access to all of the Y’s facilities and programs, in addition to OMSC’s swim program.

Full Membership

The 2014-2015 season (Sep 22, 2014 through Jun 30, 2015) offers a great variety of swim sessions to suit any taste, including a combination of short course (25m) and long course (50m) sessions, and morning and evening sessions through the week and week-end. Full members are entitled to swim any number of sessions, as often as they like. Most swimmers settle into a pattern, which allows our coaches to provide continuity and consistency in the training program for individual members. Full members are also welcome to participate in the five clinics provided throughout the season. Each clinic focuses on something different: one provides an introduction to competing at swim meets, and the other four focus on each stroke.

pdfDownload the 2014-2015 Registration Package, including the MSABC Waiver form, Code of Conduct, and initial workout schedule.

Affiliate Membership

The ‘Affiliate Membership’ category has been introduced for members who swim at a facility other than H2O, but choose to compete as an OMSC member at various competitive meets. For more details, download the registration form and the swim member policies.

Affiliate members pay an annual $50 joining fee, which includes OMSC’s affiliate membership fee and MSABC’s annual fee. Affiliate membership fees do not change throughout the season.

How do I register?

Bring your application form to the front desk at H2O, and ask to sign up for OMSC. You must provide the completed registration package, and pay the annual OMSC/MSABC membership fee ($50), and pay your first month YMCA membership fee ($75 + tax). The YMCA offers a lower rate for seniors and young adults ($64 + tax).

Swim Member Policies

View our swim membership policy document.

MSABC Membership Mandatory

Membership of the Masters Swimming Association of British Columbia ‘MSABC’ is a requirement for membership of the Okanagan Masters Swim Club. The MSABC term runs Sep 1 through Aug 31 each year. The fee is included in your annual OMSC membership fee.

Summer Membership

The 2015 summer season (Jul 1, 2015 through Aug 30, 2015) will be announced during the spring of 2015.