2015-16 Registration Information

New Members:

Full Membership

Welcome to the  2015-16 season (Sept 2015 through August 2016)!  OMSC has open registration and new members are welcome anytime.  We offer a great variety of swim sessions to suit any taste, including a combination of short course (25m) and long course (50m) sessions; morning and evening sessions; week-day and week-end sessions – please see  Generally, swimmers settle into a pattern, which allows our coaches to provide continuity and consistency in the training program for individual members.Full members are also welcome to participate in the Friday evening stroke improvement clinics provided through-out the season.  Each clinic focuses on a different stroke.

Because of our partnership with the YMCA at H2O, Full Members of OMSC are also Full Members of the H2O facility.  This offers complete access to the H2O facility – the recreational pool, the fitness facility and all the other amazing Y programs.  Please see the H2O membership information for complete details –  The information about the YMCA / OMSC membership is under the Specialty Training Memberships at the bottom of the page.

Affiliate Membership

This membership category is for swimmers who are not able to join the YMCA / OMSC program at this time – either they live too far away or their work schedule does not allow it – however they choose to compete in sanctioned swim events as an OMSC member.  For more information, please contact the OMSC registrar at

How do I Register?

Download the 2015-16 Registration Package for new members, including the MSABC/OMSC Waiver, Code of Contact, Coaches Questionnaire and Contact Form (feel free to double-side print!).  Fill in the paperwork and bring it all to the Front Deck at the H2O and ask to join the YMCA / OMSC program.  If you are currently a member of the Y at H2O, the OMSC program is a small upgrade.  Registration fees includes the month by month YMCA membership fee – $76 + tax per month for adults or $65.25 + tax per month for Senior and Young Adult, and an annual MSABC/OMSC membership fee  of $70.00.  This fee funds your MSABC* registration and the running of OMSC.  More information on OMSC’s cost structure can be gained by attending the Annual General Meeting in Oct.  Plan to attend.  Standard YMCA cancellation and other fees are applied as determined by the YMCA.

Swim Member Policies

Please view our swim membership policy document here –

* MSABC Membership

Mandatory Membership in the Masters Swimming Association of British Colombia (MSABC) is a requirement for membership in the Okanagan Masters Swim Club (OMSC).  The MSABC term runs September 1st through August 31st each year.  The membership fee is included in your annual OMSC membership fee.  Please see the MSABC website for more information

Current/Returning OMSC Members:

Welcome to the 2015-16 Swim Season!  Registration will begin on September 1st.  OMSC will take a break from Sept 4th and commence to swim again on Sept 14th.

All current/returning OMSC Full and Affiliate members must pay the annual MSABC/OMSC dues by September 14th or their first swim session after that date.The combined MSABC/OMSC fee for the 2015-16 season is $70.00.  This fee funds your MSABC* registration and the running of OMSC.  More information on OMSC’s cost structure can be gained by attending the Annual General Meeting in October.  Plan to attend.

***New Coach Questionnaire this year**  Please download the Coach Questionnaire (two pages), fill in and bring on deck to our coaches.

  1. Current members – if you are currently swimming, please download the 2015-16 MSABC-OMSC WAIVER & a new Coach Questionnaire.  Please sign the waiver and bring to the Y Front Desk.  They will process your $70 annual fee.  This can be done starting Monday, August 31st.  MSABC fees are due as of Sept 1st for current swimmers.
  2. Returning members – if you have just taken a summer break, please download the 2015-16 MSABC-OMSC WAIVER & the new Coach Questionnaire.  Please sign the waiver and bring to the Y Front Desk.  If you have a change of address – please fill in the Contact Form.   You will re-register for OMSC and pay the $70 annual fee.
  3. Current Affiliate members – can download the 2015-16 MSABC-OMSC WAIVER and send it, with a cheque made out to OMSC for $50, to the OMSC Registrar – send an email to for the address.  If you have a change of address (or are new to the club) – please fill in the Contact Form.